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Mechanical Animals

Though Manson has taken a turned a litlle techno with this new album, Mechanical Animals is still very good. The Dope Show might be pretty good, but wait 'till you hear the rest! Other songs such as Mechanical Animals, Fundamentally   Loathsome, and Great Big White World are much  better than The Dope Show. If you liked Manson's previous albums, you really should get this one. And even if you haven't yet heard a single song from Marilyn Manson, you should get it anyways. I think it is his best album yet.

I don't know if you have noticed, but Smells Like Children was mostly a sequel to Portrait of an American Family, as Remix and Repent was to Antichrist Superstar. I wouldn't be surprised to see many songs included in Mechanical Animals remixed in the next album.

My verdict: get Mechanical Animals now!