gruop.gif (5337 octets)

oldmar.gif (12115 octets) Real Name: Brian Hugh Warner
Name Source: Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson
Birthday: 01/05/69
Role: Accusations, Child Manipulations, Backwards Masking, Polaroids, Spitting,Self-mutilation, Chickens, Vocals, Guitar,Pan Flute.

Real Name: Jeordi White
Name Source
: Model Twiggy and Richard Ramirez
: 06/20/71
: Base Tendences, Mini-Cassette, Fag Bass, Wigs, Lead and Rythm Guitars, Avoustic Guitars, Bass.
twiggy.gif (10694 octets)

madonna.gif (10624 octets) Real Name: Stephen Gregory Bier Jr.
Name Source: Singer Madonna  and John Wayne Gacy (Pogo)
Birthday: 03/06/??
Role: Hammond Organ, Theremin, Saxophone, Calliopenis, Brass, Babies, Distorted Muzette, Loops, Sound Deformation, Poops Games, All Keyboards, Loops and other Original Pieces of 16-bit Audio Information, Synthesizer.
*He also plays in the band Stone Temple Pilots.

Real Name: Kenny Frank Wilson
Name Source: Ginger Rogers and Albert Fish
Birthday: 09/28/66
Role: Kiddie Pops, Live Drums, Programing and Introducing.
ginger.gif (11392 octets)

john5.gif (7547 octets) Real Name: John Lowery
Role: Live Guitarist for Mechanical Animal.

Fromer Members

Real Name: Fred Streithorst
Role: Hitting.
sara.gif (2755 octets)

zimzum.gif (2176 octets) Real Name: Micheal Yip aka Linton
Role: Live Guitarist for Anithchrist Superstar.

Real Name: Scott Putesky
Role: Psychoacoustical Guitars, Analog Distorted Filth Box, electric Twangdoodles, Cigarettes.
daisy.gif (3202 octets)